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11 Unique Proposal Ideas

It’s a moment that will change your life. In the few seconds, it takes to ask someone to marry you (or be asked), everything sort of starts afresh. You’re no longer ‘single’, but betrothed; you’re ready to make a statement to your friends, family, the world, but most importantly, to each other, that you plan to spend the rest of your lives together.
The proposal should be as memorable as the wedding day itself. And as worthy of celebrating! In fact, in some ways, the proposal can be more important. It’s just between the two of you: a private declaration of love. It deserves to be special.


Take them somewhere new
This one is really special because they won’t know what hit them. If you know of an incredible viewpoint or magical place that your partner has no idea about, take them there to pop the question. Not only will the beauty of the place blow them away, they’ll hopefully be distracted by it and won’t notice as you pull the ring from your pocket. And don’t worry if you don’t know anywhere super unique and special that they don’t know about… That’s what Google is for! The more unusual, the better.


Create a special spot just for the two of you
Sowing flowers into the shape of a heart (or hiring a florist to arrange them ahead of your arrival) will mean that that place, where you got down on one knee, is truly unique. And this idea can be interpreted in so many ways. You could purchase a bench, leave it in the middle of a beautiful field at sunset and have the question engraved on it. You could decorate a woodland with fairy lights, blankets and photo frames. You could build a platform in the centre of a meadow and bring a speaker, so you can dance together while nobody is watching. The sky is the limit.


Stargaze in the Maldives
The just-opened over-water observatory (the first of its kind in the Maldives) at Anantara Kihava has caught our eye as the hottest, SERIOUSLY amazing new setting for a proposal. Sip cocktails at the panorama lounge, perched over the lagoon to maximise the Indian Ocean’s sunset views from every vantage point. Next up? Meet the resort’s Sky Guru, Ali Shameem, and watch the celestial magic unfold before your eyes. Admire the pale yellow rings of Saturn or the counter-rotating zones and belts of Jupiter. Take a peek through the telescope at the Milky Way’s shining Omega Centauri or Messier 13, a globular cluster of over 300,000 stars in the constellation of Hercules. The Maldives’ location just above the equator means both hemisphere’s stars are visible. This, coupled with minimal light pollution and open skies, makes Anantara Kihava an absolutely incredible location for astronomy. Guests can even name a star after a loved one as the ultimate romantic gift! Get ready to deliver the proposal of a lifetime.


Take them to your special place
Where did you first say ‘I love you’? Where did you first kiss? Where did you go on your first trip away together? The list of ‘firsts’ is so long – and can be seriously plundered for proposal ideas. Remind them that you’re thoughtful, that you remember, that there are meaningful shared memories. This one should be a real tear-jerker. Let them know, as you ask, that you chose this spot specifically because it was here that you realised they were the one.


Hire a proposal guru
Anantara Layan in Phuket, Thailand, has seriously upped the game. The five-star resort’s proposal gurus are on-hand every step of the way to help you plan the proposal of a lifetime. From private dining experiences in the jungle, on the beach or overlooking the Andaman Sea from your luxurious villa (with a bespoke menu, private chef and butler, of course), to boat trips for a day or more on the private yacht. Or perhaps you’d like to take your partner for a stroll with the gentle giants inside the island’s ethical Elephant sanctuary? In the afternoon, watch them relax and play by the water’s edge, before sneaking that ring from your pocket. Whatever you want or have in mind, Anantara Layan’s proposal gurus can – and will – endeavour to bring it to life for you.


Hire a photographer
It may not sound original, but this is all about how you do it. Brad asked photographer Damian Riley to bring a friend with him to the top of a mountain in Yosemite, USA, and mill about ‘like tourists’. When they arrived, Brad casually asked Damian to take their picture on his phone. Off the couple went to this natural platform at sunset, while Damian got out his professional camera instead. The resulting image is timeless and spectacular. And she had no idea! Story via @howheasked


Pull out all the stops
Nothing screams ‘prepare to be asked!’ more than a helicopter ride over the city, a sky-high, rose-petal-filled bath, panoramic views from a luxury suite, a bottle of Dom Perignon and a romantic five-course dinner. Let’s face it, by the time you see the ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ sign from the sky, it would be hard to say no… And that’s exactly what Shangri-La at the Shard in London is offering. If you want to deliver an extravagant proposal in London, look no further.


Utilise your assets!
Jorgé partnered with his girlfriend’s photographer friend to surprise her with the proposal. The photographer, Emily, asked her friend to pose with Jorgé for a couples shoot she’d always wanted to do. When they got there, it was beautifully set up, and they joked around taking loved-up photos until Emily asked them a series of romantic questions ‘to get them more into character’. When she asked, ‘where do you see yourself in ten years?’, Jorgé answered first – and got down on one knee in the process. And, of course, Emily captured it all! Story via @howheasked


Include a puppy
Not only did Michael propose, he gave his girlfriend a Goldendoodle puppy. We’re not sure anyone could say no to that. Story via @howheasked


Do it on the most spectacular night
We love that this couple must’ve gone to a ball before her boyfriend took her to this incredible set-up. The resulting images are completely stunning, and they look so glamorous! Perfect for the occasion.


Do it when they least expect it
Sunsets, viewpoints, boat rides, dream holidays, beach picnics… If your partner suspects that it might be coming, each and every one of these is a sure giveaway. For a true surprise, forget the ring, the fancy clothes, the time of day, the getting down on one knee, and do it when you’re at your most content – let it come naturally. A picnic blanket, looking at the sky above; the breakfast table; your usual walk with the dogs. Sometimes, seemingly the most mundane moments can be the most special. And, come on, the surprise element always makes it that much more wonderful.


Gate-crash their fun with friends
Bre’s boyfriend wanted to surprise her with the question – but this was going to be a challenge. So, he booked flights to Barcelona, where she was having a girls’ trip, hired a photographer, bought her a new dress (which her galpals encouraged her to wear on the evening), chose a location and snuck up on them when Bre was least expecting it. Now that’s what we call organisation! Story via @howheasked

Post originally published on bridesmagazine.co.uk by Lauren Hepburn


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